dhtmlx grid & firefox safari compatibility

I am using dhtmlx grid and it does not work on mozilla firefox? Is dhtmlx grid compatible with firefox & safari?

I get script data without proper rendering.

dhtmlxGrid works at FireFox and Safari. Please find example here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … g_xml.html

Could it be that this line of code provides compatibility where special characters are replaced?

ment.getElementById(alfa1).innerHTML = mygrid.serialize().replace(/</g, <).replace(/>/g, >).replace(/&lt;row/g,

additional note:

here is a screen capture + text of the error in safari 3.0 on mac while trying to access the “rad” menu item.

I tired deleting white spaces in php connector files, and also added


to the connector file.  I am still unable to get the grid to display in firefox.  I get output siimilar to that above.