dhtmlx grid focus to a specific cell in a row

we are using dhtmlx 2.1, i have a question on dhtmlx grid


when user dbl click in a grid cell, i am calling a dhtmlx window with all possible values inorder to select (like a help window with all possible values), after user select the values from popup i need to replace grid cell value as user selected which is fine.

But my problem, to setfocus to gird specified row and cell ? is there any grid signature to setfocus to a particular cell in a row, like setting a value ?

You can select necessary cell in grid with selectCell(r, cInd, fl, preserve, edit, show) method. This method has parameters:
* r - row object or row index
* cInd - cell index
* [fl] - true if to call onRowSelect function (optional, false by default)
* preserve - preserve previously selected rows true/false (optional, false by default). Multi select mode should be enabled.
* edit - switch selected cell to edit mode (optional, false by default)
* show - true/false - scroll row to view (optional, true by default)