DHTMLX Grid - Header does not display in IE.8 when documentM


I am using a version 1.6 of DHTMLX Grid that has a slight alteration to it that fixes the header rendering in IE8. For reference, the alteration is summarized below:

[In dhtmlxgrid.js}

* added the “&& _isIE<8” part of the following:

if (_isIE && _isIE<8)hdrRow.style.position=“absolute”;

if (_isIE && _isIE<8)tar.style.position=“absolute”;

[In dhtmlxcommon.js]

* added the following:

if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf(“MSIE 8.0”)!= -1 && document.compatMode != “BackCompat”) _isIE=8;


This fixed the issue in IE8 if the documentMode was left on the default (IE7 standards). Now my issue is that if my “documentMode” is set to IE 8 Standards then the header does still not render correctly. I need this documentMode for my page but I cannot upgrade to a higher version of the dhtmlxgrid. Is there more code that I could enter into my version of the library that could fix this issue?



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