DHTMLX Grid Header is not working in IE8


The DHTMLX Gris is not showing in IE8. but when i change the

if (_isIE)

            hdrRow.style.position=“absolute”; to “Relative”




if (!this.obj.firstChild)


        var tar = this.obj.firstChild;

        if (!tar.firstChild){



            if (_isIE)

                tar.style.position=“absolute”; to “Relative”



            for (var i = 0; i < this.hdrLabels.length; i++){





The header row is showing where as the resize of column get messed

any fixes??

for IE8 only

Which version of grid you are using?

Prior version 2.1 , dhtmlxGrid was not able to render correctly in IE8 ( standard mode only )
Latest codebase ( 2.1 ) contains related fixes, so component fully supports IE8