DHTMLX Grid incompatible with Bootstrap?

I’ve a project with DHTMLX Grid (3.6) and Bootstrap (1.3.1) and I’m having problems with the width of the grid. I’ve seen that disabling bootstrap solves the problem. Do you have a fix for that? I need the Bootstrap framework…

Bug 1: Grid get small with column re-ordening and column resizing. In this demo I’ve the settings grid.enableAutoWidth(false); and grid.setInitWidths(“250,250”);

Bug 2: Grid with bad auto-weight (column text not visible at all). I’ve the settings grid.setInitWidths(","); and grid.enableAutoWidth(true);


Please, refer to the following topic on the forum:

It doesn’t solve all the problems I told. The Bug 1 is solved partially (it still have a strange behavior) and the Bug 2 remains.