DHTMLX Grid inside <form> tag doesn't display

I’m having a bizarre problem with dhtmlxGrid.

I want to switch one of my ASP.net GridView controls over to a dhtmlxGrid. However, once I do this, my data doesn’t show up on the screen. The header shows up, but not the data.

This is only the second page I’ve used this control on. The first page was a classic ASP page. I carefully examined the differences between my ASP.net page (that doesn’t display the dhtmlxGrid) and my classic ASP page (which works fine with dhtmlxGrid). To my surprise, I discovered that the only thing that allows me to reproduce the problem on another page is to wrap the div to which I instantiate the dhtmlxGrid inside form tags!!!

However, upon further examination, I discovered that I could get the dhtmlxGrid to work inside the form tags if I set the css height of the div to a static number of pixels. This would be great, but the div must be able to expand to display a long list of records.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Why do I get this strange behavior with form tags? I have tried including dhtmlxgrid_filter.js, but it doesn’t fix the problem.

This issue occurs because of height of parent container is not defined. If height is not defined, IE think it is 0. x% of 0 is 0. So grid rows are not visible.
Check, if height of parent container of grid container is defined.
Also, add following styles to your page:

html,body{ height:100%; }