DHTMLX grid is throwing error with IE9

I am getting the following javascript error on IE9 when rendering a dhtmlx grid.

SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘selectNodes’
dhtmlxcommon.js, line 651 character 13

I saw a patch posted at dhtmlx.com/blog/?p=604. I tried it still getting the same issue.

My html page has this set:

Without the above setting dhtmlx windows does not work properly in IE. The window cannot be moved below a certain place, because of the issue with dhtmlxwindows._engineFixWindowPosInViewport. That method uses offsetHeight which only returns the height of the viewable portion of the browser window instead of the entire height of the document.


What version of dhtmlxGrid do you have? If it is less than 2.6 it is strongly recommended to update it.

If issue still occurs - please, provide any kind of sample of your code to reproduce the issue.

We are using v.2.5 build 090904
Can we get a patch for this release?

Please, provide a sample of your code or a complete demo to reconstruct the issue.