DHTMLX Grid / live updates with links


First off - DHTMLX is a great tool. I am a very novice programmer and have been able to solve a lot of problems with the framework. Very simple to use. I had no issues integrating it with wordpress for a beginner friendly environment.

I am having an issue using grid with live update. The system is working very well, but I have links in my grid. Every time a client fires off an update the link turns into a null value (if the grid object is set to link). If the like is set to a read only entry the link properly displays until an entry is made, at that point the link is turned into just the text from the link.

Though off of the main question: is there a way to send information to the clients when the database is updated by something other than DHTMLX? Say a script changes a number - how would one go about telling the clients the number was changed?

Thank you!

Building off of that - is there a way to tell a client if there is a whole new entry to add to grid when one has been added to the database under a live update context. I do this currently by clearing and reloading Grid but would like to be able to do it with live updates. It seems a bit complicated though.

Live Updates are based on WebSockets and especially on Faye Js

This is a multipurpose pub-sub implementation. You can use it to transfer a custom data from a server side to a client. ( without using DHTMLX code )

I’m not fully understand you initial use-case, if you think that there is an issue with LiveUpdates, please share a bit more info, so we will be able to reconstruct the similar issue locally.

Thank you for the extra information on live updates, It seems I just need to have the server send some data and I will be able to figure it out by reading how the node.js server is sending update data.

The live update issue:

I have links stored in a SQL server which posts in grid via the php connector (from a MariaDb server via MySqli). The go great from SQL to grid but when you update one entry in grid it sends the whole row back to the SQL database - in this case grid has posted the link but is holding the variable of null which it sends back. So in this case I click a check box in grid and my link goes away (due to it now being a null value in SQL and posted back that way).

I changed the grid field to a text value (read only) and at least the text from the link stays but it is no longer a link.

I think there has to be some simple work around that I haven’t found yet - like offsetting the updates a column over so it just ignores the link after loading.

I have the same problem. Any updates via dataprocessor turn a link field into “^null”.