DHTMLX Grid : Paging not working in modalbox.


I am not able to get the paging functionality while using modalbox. It shows paging records, but when I click on it, it doesn’t work. What could be the problem ?

Problem can be caused by some kind of custom event handlers which interfere with ones from paging bar.
The grid itself works equally in normal HTML page or in modalbox.
To give more detailed answer we need some kind of sample or demo link where issue may be reconstructed.

    I am getting “this.grid has no properties” while showing grid paging in modalbox.
    What could be the problem ???

Such code used inside links of default paging skin ( netx page, prev page, etc )
If you have initialized grid inside the modal box - it must work correctly. But if you moved paging zones or grid’s container from document to modal box - it may cause problem , because of broken references