DHTMLX Grid: Populate cells with dropdown menu

I have 2 columns in dhtmlx grid table. I want to populate the second column with dropdown menu for each cell.

I am generating xml document in C#

The generated xml document in C#:


Product Class Product_name_1 first_option second_option Product_name_2 first_option second_option

Html and Javascript code:



In this scenario I’m just getting first column populate with values (Product_name_1 and Product_name_2) and I’m not getting the second column with dropdown menu for each cell and I don’t how to fix this…

There are ready drop-down excells:

  • co (combobox)
  • coro (read-only co)
  • combo (integration with dhtmlxCombo, only pro edition)
  • clist (multiselect chosen)

If none of these excells do not fit, you can create own excell:

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … l_creation

Regarding the example of your xml - you should use for html content:

<![CDATA[ first_option second_option ]]>