dhtmlx grid serialize () special character issues


we are using licensed version of dhtmlx components,

i want to export grid data as it is by mygrid.serialize (), which is doing fine, But my question is

i have special characters in my grid data like < , >, <> , & … when i do serialize () the gird data exporting as it is with special characters and when i reload the same XML file i am getting invalid XML format b’use serialize () is exporting grid data as text instead of < for < and > for >.

is there any method in API which will convert grid data special character as XML understandable format.

You can use setSerializationLevel(userData, fullXML, config, changedAttr, onlyChanged, asCDATA) method:

userData - enable/disable user data serialization
fullXML - enable/disable full XML serialization (selection state)
config - serialize grid configuration
changedAttr - include changed attribute
onlyChanged - include only Changed rows in result XML
asCDATA - output cell values as CDATA sections (prevent invalid XML)

So method parameters should be like that: mygrid.setSerializationLevel(false,false,false,false,false,true);