dhtmlx grid - set cell value from another window


I have set an onedit event on a cell --> a new window is open.

I give i and j the cell parameters in the new window.

showWin(’/includes/ajax_file_manager/ajaxfilemanager/ajaxfilemanager.php?std=1&i=’ + mygrid.getSelectedId() + ‘&j=’ + mygrid.getSelectedCellIndex(),‘Upload’);

in the new window i will press a button to set the a new value to the cell from the new window


$_GET[i] and $_GET[j] are set correctly but i always get a js error if i clicked on my button.

: erwartet

so my question is how to change the value of a cell from another window



Sorry for my english. Im german.

The correct command will be

THANKS. It works fine.

The next problem is. The new value is in the cell. If i close my new window and cklick everywhere on the page where the grid is the value in the cell changed to empty.
How can i fix that?

Similar situation possible when you have not closed editor in grid. I’m not pretty sure how it can occur in your case, but please try to add next call before setting value.

  onclick=“opener.mygrid.editStop();  opener.mygrid.cells(<?=$_GET[i];?>,<?=$_GET[j];?>).setValue(’<?=$folderInfo['path'];?>’);”


now it works. :slight_smile: