DHTMLX grid -showing dropdown

DHTMLX is the best option for rich UI.My greetings to you.
I am using in gridcontainer header.If user clicks in textbox I am preparing the

    which displays unique values of that column.Its a kind of dropdown,you may call it combo filter.But there is the problem with the z-index of datagrid.Even I set z-index of data grid as -1 the dropdown is invisible after the header contents.It goes behind the data grid where i start displaying the rows.I tried changing z-index value of gridcontainer but its of no use.Anybody have solution of this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

Try to set z-index of dropdown to “9999”

I tried setting the value of z-index to 9999 but its not working.What I observe is there is a div inside the data grid container which has css class ‘objbox’.If i set z-index of it cells are getting hide below it but dropdown is not getting displayed.I am trying both z-index and position. :frowning:

Can you please provide complete demo where we can reproduce this issue? You can send such demo directly to the support.dhtmlx.com/