DHTMLX_GRID Sorting Issue

Hi Team,

We are facing sorting issues on DHTMLX Grid for various column fields. I have created a sample demo for replicating our issues .

The sample demo contains below things:
I have created a DHTMLX grid which allows you to sort data row on the client side by clicking the column header. When you click the column header, Data will sorting based on ascending or descending order.
The grid rows value is 500 and the columns can have different type of columns(Image, Link Button (case-sensitive string), Date Time, string names).

Here I have attached the sample demo.

Let me know your approaches,

DHTML_Sorting.zip (221 KB)

column indexes 1,2,3: in case of complex html-content in the value of a cell it is not available to use the “str” sotring type. You will have to create your own custom sorting type.

column index 6 (date sorting type): you need to use the default date format (mm/dd/yyyy) for the correct date otherwise you need to use the dhxCalendar column type with the setDateformat() method.

Hi Team,-

Can you please provide any sample code for custom sorting on link and image column type.


Here you can find a tutorial about creating a custom sorting type:
docs.dhtmlx.com/grid__sorting.ht … ngfunction
Here you can find a tutorial about creating a custom column type:
docs.dhtmlx.com/grid__columns_ty … olumntypes