DHTMLX GRID uDataLink Dynamic Where Clause in XML

Hello I have a question regarding dhtmlxgrid using udatalink for dynamic reading and writing of grids into a mysql Database. Your scripts loads the mysql request through an XML file where you can add a Where clause between this works fine if I put a static where clause. Now I’m rewriting a php file that generates the XML on output so that I can have a more modular mysql request especialy the where clause. But it doesn’t work. Looking through your udatalink you use $this->c=simplexml_load_file($config); which loads a file from the server without being executed by apache. Is there a way of dynamically loading a PHP file that outputs XML without writing each time a new file on the server’s disk ?

Thanks for any help given


If , instead of relative path to file, you will use full http path ( some.com/config.php )  - it will be loaded through web server, but it is a quite expensive way.
There is a more easy solution , with using fully custom code instead of XML configuraton file.
Please check attached php file - it as a fully functional code which can be used for data updating (sql need to be updated for your DB structure ) instead of  udatalink

update.zip (998 Bytes)