dhtmlx images

Hi there,

Having some trouble getting the images for my new object tree. However, I had no problems with getting the images working for a static tree that I initialized in the html. The images won’t load in my browser though for the xml loaded tree. The path is right as I am using for the other tree and it’s fine. I checked firebug and it shows the images are there but they won’t actually display.

Here is the code:

tree = new dhtmlXTreeObject(document.getElementById(‘treeBox’),“100%”,“100%”, ‘0’);




tree.loadXML(“xml/tree.xml”);//load root level from xml

any thoughts?



If the image path is correct and you don’t use enableTreeImages method, the images must be shown.

Please, provide any sample or direct link to reproduce the issue.


Is there an email address I can send a direct link to a dummy page of the problem above without having to post it to the message board?




You can send the link to support@dhtmlx.com