DHtmlx Kanban (import issue in angular component)

I trying to use dhtmlx kanban in angular project, getting error while importing the kanban.js script file
Before this error pop up : " Could not find a declaration file for module ‘dhtmlx-gantt/codebase/ext/kanban’. ‘c:/Users/lkark/Documents/GitHub/PTBClient/node_modules/dhtmlx-gantt/codebase/ext/kanban.js’ implicitly has an ‘any’ type.
If the ‘dhtmlx-gantt’ package actually exposes this module, try adding a new declaration (.d.ts) file containing declare module 'dhtmlx-gantt/codebase/ext/kanban';ts(7016)"

Then i added kanban.d.ts file which i got from dhtmlx kanban demo package, but still not working, now I started getting following error :

File ‘c:/Users/lkark/Documents/GitHub/PTBClient/node_modules/dhtmlx-gantt/codebase/ext/kanban.d.ts’ is not a module "

Is anyone explain me how to import Dhtmlx kanban object in angular component

Thank you for your report.
We have added the npm packages of the dhx.Kanban.
@dhx/kanban - available only by the request of the License owners.

npm config set @dhx\:registry https://npm.dhtmlx.com
npm add @dhx/trial-kanban

(@dhx/kanban - available only by the request of the License owners.)
I’m the owner of the license, how can I request it?

Please, try to send an official support request: