Dhtmlx Layout and HighCharts

I have a html page with a DIV called “co”. The page calls some javascript that creates the highchart and renders it to the div. Code (shortened):

$(function (){

	window.chart = new Highcharts.Chart({
	    chart: {
	    	renderTo: 'co',
	        polar: false,
	        type: 'column'
	  .....lots of code......

To get the chart to show up in a layout cell I have to attach the url using ajax-content. I would rather render it directly to a cell in dhtmlxlayout using some script. There has to be a better way, I’m just not great at JavaScript. Can anyone help?

I figured it out, I took the code that built the chart, appended it to the bottom of the script that built the layout, and referenced the variable name of the cell in the renderTo:

Told you I’m not great with JavaScript, still learning :smiley: