Dhtmlx layout issues in IE6

I am embedding an svg object in a dhtmlxlayout(3L). The svg object is clickable and works fine in FF but becomes unclickable in IE6(no mouseover events are generated over svg object).The svg object works fine when its div is not made a cell of the dhtmlxlayout object.Obviously my layout is spoiled then.
here is a skeleton of code i am using


<%@include file="header.jsp"%>
<%@include file="hasSvgobject.jsp"%>
 <%@include file="file1.jsp"%>
 	<%@include file="file2.jsp"%>



var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject("parentId", "3L");

//on not giving the parentId div to the layout i.e on commenting the above lines or on just commenting the part where “r1” is added to cell© of dhtmlx layout object, the mouseover events work fine but the layout becomes distorted.

Kindly enlighten me as to where am i going wrong?