dhtmlx layout method expand and collapse.

Hi i am using dhtmlx Layout in the application and the layout used is 6C where in each row an iframe is attached and inside iframe a jsp is displayed.

var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(“maindiv”, “6C”, “dhx_blue”);



    dhxLayout.cells(“b”).setText(“STO BATCH PREPARATION”);

    dhxLayout.cells(“c”).setText(“STO BATCH PREPARATION II”);

    dhxLayout.cells(“d”).setText(“STO BATCH CONFIRMATION”);

    dhxLayout.cells(“e”).setText(“STO BATCH ACCEPTANCE”);




var dhxAccord = dhxLayout.cells(“a”).attachAccordion();

dhxAccord.addItem(“a1”, “STO”);

    dhxAccord.addItem(“a2”, “FEWA”);

dhxAccord.addItem(“a3”, “60 Day”);











As you can see the row c, d, e, f are now collapse inside row b i am displaying a jsp inside jsp on click of a button i want the row c to expand and display another jsp inside the row c. to achieve this i have written

function batchPreparation()





This do not expoand the cell ‘c’ the iframe shows it contents inside the cell c when i manually expand it… can you please suggest me how do i expand the cell c… on click of button inside the jsp in cell ’ b’


Here is a demo.

demo.zip (74 KB)