dhtmlx Layout with Tabber for all active created tab list ne


We are using License version,

using 3J layout, when user select any hyperlink in one layout, i need to create a new tab only if that tab is not open previously, and move focus to it.

we need an working example,

1. 3J layout

2. When user select any link in layout “a”, in layout b need to create a new tab, if the tab not created, if already created need to move focus to that tab.

Is there any method which will give me all active tabs in tabber, which way i can find is the tab is really open or not.




Unfortunately, there are no methods to get all tabs and they names in ther tabbar.

After clicking link in a cell “a” you should put the id and name of the new tab into some array. When the link is clicked, you can check if the name exists in the array.

If tab exists - > tabbar.setTabActive(tabId);

If it doesn’t - > tabbar.addTab(tabId,tabName,width);