DHTMLX License - GPL vs Commercial/Enterprise (source code)


Helloo, I want to know about DHTMLX License

Someone asking me to build web app using DHTMLX for his company, and he will pay for that web app. If not wrong, with compiled language GPL license we must give source code if someone asking for it, Commercial/Enterprise license we just give end result (executable application).

Because DHTMLX not compiled, GPL or Commercial/Enterprise License we give him the source code so this web app can run at his company (server)

Customer know the source code and he can modify, where is the protection if using Commercial/Enterprise License ?

Thanks And Sorry for my English


In case of javascript, you will need to provide the source code in one or anoter form.

GPL requires to provide a full readable code.

In case of Commercial license you can use code compression tools, and provide
the compressed code, which will contain all sources, but they will be hard to read and modify.


Even compressed, source code still readable. If you mean with MINIFIED/UGLIFY still can reversed back with JS BEAUTIFIER

OKā€¦thanks for your information Stanislav


Obfuscation replaces the meaningful names with random letters, so while you can restore the formatting, names will be missed, so it will be hard ( but still possible ) to restore content of the script.