DHTMLX link color

Hi ,

i have below line of code

if(gridPotList.cells(id,2).getValue() == ‘0’) {
gridPotList.setCellTextStyle(id, 1, “a{color:red};font-weight:bold;”);

it still doent show in red. please note if value ==0 then only the cell type is link , else its combo, the excell types work fine. but the link color doesnt change from blue to red.

Try to use:

gridPotList.setCellTextStyle(id, 1, “color:red;font-weight:bold;”);

i tried that in the first instance, i think we need to manipulate the link, the example are present for xml based link, my link is dynamically created, appreciate your help

did one

div.gridbox .objbox a {
color:#FFFFFF !important;
text-decoration:underline !important;

it works