Dhtmlx makefilter select and combo



then I load the combo box into this filter
myCombo = new dhtmlXCombo(“myFilter”);
//rest code here

but when I select anything from the combo box it does not fire onfilterstart.

Also how do I do this for select ?

I read the documentation and it says
//items for options list added automatically according to column the control assigned to

do not understand this line

Can I not put in
mygrid.attachHeader(“Single Option”)
and then mygrid.makeFilter(myFilter,1);


Anyone ?


The following code works well for me:

myGrid.attachHeader("<div id='myFilter' class='combo'></div>,<select id='text_input' type='text'></select>") myGrid.makeFilter("myFilter",0); myGrid.makeFilter("text_input",1);

yes but where do the options come from for select ?And when I load the combo it does not fire ?

the options will be populated automatically according to the data of the column.
If any problem still occurs for you please, provide with a complete demo or a demo link, wher ethe problem can be reconstructed.