Dhtmlx message copy paste content


I am not sure if this is the right place to start this thread, if it isn’t, please excuse me for that.

I am using the dhtmlx message popups, and I am striving to make the content of the pop up “copy-pastable” using the ctrl+C shortcut (although the right click copy works).
This is useful in my case since my software is often displaying content that needs to be used later.

I haven’t been able to find anything about that on the web and on your forums. Is there a way to enable the copy paste events?

Thanks for your time


The problem is confirmed. Unfortunatley in the current version of the dhtmlxMessage it is not available to use the keyboard shortcuts in th dhtmlxMessage. We’ve created a small fix enabling such feature. Please, open the ticket at the dhtmxSupport system, or (if you a using a STD version) please, clarify what package you are using, so I can provide you a fix here.


Hi sematik,

We are using the 5.1 version of DHTMLX.