dhtmlx.message inner closing

I am using the latest dhtmlx.message in my project and it works really good. I did some minor customization on configuring height & width of the dialog so that when the content is big, it can show correctly. Is there is any way to do a inner closing i.e. by selecting a URL inside the content of the window?.

The dhtmlx.message looks sexy when compared to dhtmlxwindows. Is there is any possibility to use the dhtmlx.message for the replacement of dhtmlxwindows. i.e. attach various components to the box.

The lib was created to show modal forms, so there is no public API for closing ( it was not necessary for alerts and confirmations ), also all internals are hidden by closures, so there is no simple way to hide message (alert|confirmation) by js command.

I will check how it can be improved and will publish an update on Monday.