dhtmlx.message Issue

Hello there,

i hope this is the right forum? Looked for a way to disable the closing of single messages by pressing them. Is this possible anyhow?

Especially i am using dhtmlx.message to popup messages within the dhtmlxScheduler, and i want to remove the possibility to CLICK on them to close it. Step to would be making only specific messages uncloseable. I am using my own routine to close these messages, but i can not find out how to stop the default closing behaviour :frowning:

Best wishes and thanks for any hint or clue,


There is no easy way to prevent message closing.
You can try to use something like next

dhtmlx.message({ expire:-1, text:"This message can't be closed", id:"m1"}); //remove default click handler dhtmlx.message.pull["m1"].onclick = function(){};

Awesome, that is totaly perfect for using.
Works perfect - Don’t know why i couldn’t figure this method to prevent the default behaviour…

If you haven’t any trouble with this question i would like to find out now, what to write into the function, to close the message manually (for example after ich made my needed calls).

Unfortunatly i still don’t get, what to write within the function(){ … } to get the message closed manualy - Oh my god :confused:

I Got what i needed out of the source code:


This will close the messagebox with the correct id.