Dhtmlx message => prompt


Currently I use this code to ask a user for his age or some other input.

var age=""; age = prompt ("What is your age?","");

It would be awesome if I could use the dhtmlx-layout. I only don’t know how to do it. Is it possible or not (yet)? Can I use dhtmlx message for it?

Thank you in advance.


you can use dhtmlxMessage. you also can use window + layout + form.
please attach mockup of awaited design and I will suggest you the best way.

I want it to be a popup like dhtmlxmessage.

I photoshoped what I want, see below. Can you give me the code how to achieve that?
(The user can enter some text in the field below the question.)


  1. open dhtmlxmessage.js and modify modal_key function:

function modal_key(e){ if (_dhx_msg_cfg){ e = e||event; if ((e.target||elsrcElement).className == "dhtmlx_popup_input") return true; var code = e.which||event.keyCode; if (dhtmlx.message.keyboard){ if (code == 13 || code == 32) callback(_dhx_msg_cfg, true); if (code == 27) callback(_dhx_msg_cfg, false); } if (e.preventDefault) e.preventDefault(); return !(e.cancelBubble = true); } }

  1. add the following common function

function askAge(callback) { var t = document.createElement("DIV"); t.innerHTML = "<div>What is your age?</div>"+ "<div><input type='text' value='' class='dhtmlx_popup_input'></div>"; var id = "dhxmsgId_"+new Date().getTime(); dhtmlx.confirm("<div id='"+id+"'></div>", function(r){ if (r == true) r = t.lastChild.firstChild.value; callback(r); t = null; }); document.getElementById(id).appendChild(t); }

  1. call in your code and check the result

askAge(function(age){ if (age === false) { console.log("cancel pressed"); } else { console.log(age); } });

also you can contact our sales dept at sales@dhtmlx.com and request official modification.