DHTMLX Mobile Scheduler not working on my HTC EVO

DHTMLX Mobile Scheduler does not work in my HTC Evo. Many times it shows the calendar and closes the internet window. I’ve book marked it so that I can access without having to type the address over and over again. When It does finally stay open I can see the calendar but no markings of appointment on the calendar. The choices for List,Day,and Month show at the bottom and when touch they show the different windows but no appointment symbols. If I add a date it when I choose to select a different date it freezes the close the whole window and I’m back to selecting the bookmark to start all over. It could be my phone but I don’t know. Every other demo works. I would like to get it to work for a project I’m working on. The Iphone works but most of the clients have Android so I need to figure out what’s happening. Thx

Which version of Android is installed on the phone?

Android 2.3.3 version.

Anybody else have this problem with the HTC EVO? I went to sprint and they think it’s dhtmlx’s problem with scheduler.

Still not able to test in on real HTC Evo, but it works on other Android 2.3 phones, so it still not clear what is the reason of the problem.

True. It does work on Android 2.3. I went to the Sprint Store and on the Internet browser of the HTC EVO 3D and the dhtmlx mobile scheduler sample site works. I even tried it on the Samsung Epic Android 2.2 and it works. I tried it on HTC EVO and the HTC EVO Shift Internet browsers and no go. Both The HTC EVO and the HTC EVO Shift both have Android 2.3 and Sprint claims it’s the same Android 2.3 HTC EVO 3D has so the dhtmlx mobile scheduler sample site should work. That is why they say it’s probably dhtmlx mobile scheduler. No one else have this problem with HTC EVO? I didn’t try it on any other phones but if need be I could just go the Sprint store and surf to the site. I’m just frustrated now because I had my phone erased and I still get the same results. I asked to have it down graded to Android 2.2 but they weren’t down with that at all.

Fixed!! It was a HTC Problem. They just sent out and update. My bad.