Dhtmlx Newbie - Java Connector Example


I’m looking for a full example of using a Java dhtmlxConnector.


What do you mean by “full example” ?
The java package contains demo code that shows how connector can be used with major dhtmlx components.

Can you point me to the proper examples. Whatever examples I found on the web site did not completely work.

In the online docs, this example is provide but what is “myconnector.do”? There is no information.

myDP = new dataProcessor(“myconnector.do”);// initializes dhtmlxDataProcessor

this example is provide but what is “myconnector.do”
It just an url that is mapped to the some servlet through web.xml


And the servlet that this “my connector.do” maps to should implement ConnectorServlet?


Yep, all such servlets must extend ConnectorServlet class.