DHTMLX pagination text should be converted into spanish language

I am using DHTMLX Grid with pagingSkin “toolbar”. On Pagination bar there are text for e.g Records from 1 to 6 or if there is no any records then text display as No Records Found.
I want to display that text into spanish language.
For other application text I used e.g title = {{“Subscriber” | translate}}, to translate the text.
But here DHTMLX pagination text come from dhtmlx.js file. So here I can not use above solution to translate the text.
I have all the required files for Localization/translation.
But here what can I do for translating the pagination text…?
Please let me know with some example.


You can use

grid.i18n.paging.notfound = "Your text here";

If you want to apply change for all instances of the grid, then use it like next

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype.i18n.paging.notfound = "Your text here";

In my dhtmlx.js below code is already present. But then also it is not working.

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype.i18n.paging={results:“Results”,records:"Records from “,to:” to ",page:"Page “,perpage:“rows per page”,first:“To first Page”,previous:“Previous Page”,found:“Found records”,next:“Next Page”,last:“To last Page”,of:” of ",notfound:“No Records Found”};

In my application, there are multiple places where I am using pagination. Please give me solution with example.


Code in dhtmlx.js defines the default en locale.

If you want to redefine it in spanish, you need to have the similar code but with spanish labels

  records:"Records from ",
  to:" to ",
  page:"Page ",
  perpage:"rows per page",
  first:"To first Page",
  previous:"Previous Page",
  found:"Found records",
  next:"Next Page",
  last:"To last Page",
  of:" of ",
  notfound:"No se encontrarón archivos"    // <- like this!

You need not change content of the dhtmlx.js, just add the above code on the page after including dhtmlx.js

Adding code after including dhtmlx.js means exactly where I have to add the code…?
Please let me know.


<script src="/codebase/dhtmlx.js"></script>
dhtmlXGridObject.prototype.i18n.paging.notfound = "No se encontrarón archivos";