DHTMLx Popup Issues setting popup width



I’m having some issues with setting the width on a DHTMLx popup.

It’s working if I set styling on a wrapping div in the popup, but I rather use the built in show()-function.

But I’m wondering if there’s a bug? Since according to the documentation,
it supports setting the popup width:

myPop.show(20,20,400,300); //params are: x, y, width, height

Please view the example code in JS-fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/Dr4co/bhp9wv24/

Regards Dr4co


Here you can find the details:
I mean:

In the case of the stand-alone initialization:
you need to pass x, y, width and height of the area and a popup will be centered near it automatically

wiidth,height are not the sizes of the pop-up but the sizes of the area, which the pop up is attached to.