dhtmlx resize when vertical scrollbar disappears

There might be something I’m missing here…

I have a grid with 4 columns. Their width is set in percentages and each column has a filter attached to the header.

My problem is the following :

when my xml is loaded, I usually have enough rows to get a vertical scroll bar, but when I start to use the filters, the number of rows can drop significantly and the vertical scroll bar disappears (expected behavior). The only thing is, when the scroll bar is removed, the width of the columns change… and this is not very elegant.

Is there a way to stop the columns from getting resized when the vertical scroll bar disappears? I tried to set :


This keeps showing a disabled scroll bar when there is no need for a real one, but for some odd reason, the resizing behavior didn’t change. Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

This is expected behaviour as grid always try to take all containers width. If we block column resizing after vertical scrollbar disappears then page will have horizontal scrollbar.