Dhtmlx Scheduler can´t load from database

Hi, Im using the connector in java, but my scheduler isnt show the events.

so i have 2 questions:

first, whats the correct format for database table

and, is correct this:


thx guys.

The format of database do not matter much, as scheduler works not with database directly, but with json|xml data streams. Normally it something like

  • id - int, autoincrement
  • start_date - datetime
  • end_date - datetime
  • text - text
  • any other params

Nope, you must use

where ulr - contains path to servlet which will return data ( as xml or json ) for scheduler.

If you are using grails or struts or sping mvc, and interested in usage of java version of scheduler, please contact me by PM and provide your email.

Can I do the servlet with the connector package in java???

Or I have to do for my way???

My project is in .jsp

thx again

Hey guys, Im again. I can fix it. My servlet return an xml string, but my scheduler doesnt show events yet. What can i do??

this is my xml:

<start_date>2012-12-01 00:00:00.0</start_date><end_date>2012-12-03 00:00:00.0</end_date>Reunion<start_date>2012-12-05 00:00:00.0</start_date><end_date>2012-12-07 00:00:00.0</end_date>Junta<start_date>2012-12-08 00:00:00.0</start_date><end_date>2012-12-10 00:00:00.0</end_date>Revision<start_date>2012-12-21 00:00:00.0</start_date><end_date>2012-12-25 00:00:00.0</end_date>Evaluacion<start_date>2012-12-15 00:00:00.0</start_date><end_date>2012-12-17 00:00:00.0</end_date>Taller

This should work. I had it working with Struts returning the xml and the URL from Scheduler call the url.

I also modified the code to JSON format and this works perfect. Follow the examples in the zip file. They are very helpful…

Hey guys, Im again. I can fix it. My servlet return an xml string, but my scheduler doesnt show events yet

Be sure that you are returning data with valid content type - text/xml
XML itself looks valid

Hey, I have problems, this is correct?? look at the event id, in my db the event id is 1, and 2, 3. Why it does show me this??

<start_date>2013-01-05 10:00:00.0</start_date><end_date>2013-01-06 12:00:00.0</end_date>Reunion

<start_date>2013-01-07 00:00:00.0</start_date><end_date>2013-01-08 00:00:00.0</end_date>Junta
<start_date>2013-01-09 00:00:00.0</start_date><end_date>2013-01-10 00:00:00.0</end_date>Revision

You have incorrect render_ command, check the id parameter (second parameter of the command ) - it must be wrong ( wrong spelling or wrong case ).

When connector can’t fetch valid id from dataset it generates quasy-random numbers, as in your case.

Does the shedulerConnector generate xtra fields???

Yep, you can add any count of extra fields in third parameter of connector - all of them will be included in final output.