dhtmlx Scheduler - Customization


We are analyzing the dhtmlx Scheduler for JAVA. We would like to use the same in our project for scheduling events. Following are some questionnaire to confirm whether the product meets our requirement.

1.We need Personalized calendar. But it is very difficult to understand the code. If we buy the license, will you provide any technical assistance to modify the code?

2.Can we have Date, Week and Month wise views with the same schedule.

3.Should be able to highlight the schedules in calendar view - If the schedules are for few hours in a day, the month view calendar should represent the same (means half day, quarter, etc…). Please confirm whether this is possible?

4.Should be able to initiate schedule. Open scheduling interface from the calendar by clicking a date. Please confirm whether it is possible?

5.Is it browser compatible? What are the browsers that doesn’t support?

6.Can we implement different template (layout and color) so that each user can see different calendars styles? If so how?

7.Can we customize the scheduling interface? We may need to add additional fields or remove some if not required. Database structure may need to be modified. Please confirm whether it is possible?

8.Can we display the calendar in small area and full screen?

9.In day wise view, can we customize it for 1 hour duration starting from 7AM to 5PM?

10.Or else if we need to reduce the duration to .5 hours, is it possible?


Saji John


>> If we buy the license, will you provide any technical assistance to modify the code?

Supports includes bug fixing and asnwering question regarding usage of the component. In some cases code modification can be done but only for addition fee.

Regarding the other questions:

Scheduler for JAVA supports all features that are avalable for other scheduler versions. Actually scheduler is a client-side application (javascript), but there are different server-side connectors for it (php,java and .net).

Please, take a look at the online demos of scheduler. They demonstrates scheduler possibilities: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxS … ndex.shtml

For questions 2-10 the answer is mostly - yes, it is possible.
Please check scheduler’s documentation it has description of all features.