DHTMLX Scheduler Day Light saving issue

We are working on Scheduler for Australia region where there is an issue with daylight saving on Scheduler. For Victoria and New South Whales, all is working fine as they follow Daylight saving, but since Queensland does not have Daylight saving when they book appointments after 7th October’18(Daylight saving start date for Australia), they see an automatic shift in their bookings. Like when they book for 10:15 AM, on Scheduler it says 9:15 AM. This will automatically be corrected after 7th, but the staff at Queensland is a bit annoyed by this because they are not able to understand the correct timings for their booking. Please suggest what could be the issue.

Vaishali Shrivastava


Unfortunately I can’t provide you with a ready solution.
If you are a licensed customer with an active support subscription, you can submit requests to get assistance from our tech team. Please send the request via email, which was sent you after the purchase and refer to this topic on forum in the subject.

Best regards.