DHTMLX Scheduler is not appearing with my Symfony 3 project?

Hi guys, I am having a problem getting this particular library to appear in my Symfony project. I have of course downloaded the library and included it in my html.twig, but it is just appearing as a blank screen whenever I go to that particular route. I was following this tutorial for the implementation of my calendar. ourcodeworld.com/articles/read/ … -symfony-3

If I could get any help with this it would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Here is the markup for my html.twig file

[code]{% extends ‘base.html.twig’ %}

{% block stylesheets %}

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href='{{ asset("libraries/dhtmlx/codebase/dhtmlxscheduler_flat.css") }}' charset="utf-8" />

{% endblock %}

{% block body -%}


{% endblock %}

{% block javascripts %}

{% endblock %}[/code]

Hi Dylan,

As Alexander told you in comments under the article, we need a zip package with a sample to have an opportunity run it locally and see an error.
Building the app from a tutorial to see if it’ll show your issue would take more than half of hour, so we can’t do it within a support subscription. Moreover, this does not guarantee that the problem will be reproduced.