Dhtmlx scheduler localization problem in Turkish


Since Dhtmlx scheduler localiztion accepts only utf-8 character encoding some Turkish characters can’t be seen right. İs there a possibility to use “utf-16” or any other work around.

As far as I can understood the nature of utf, utf-8 can have all the character which supported by utf-16 ( it is just a different ways of data encoding ), so it is possible to save utf-16 strings as utf-8

I prepared a file “locale_tr.js” and translate all english words into Turkish. Some characters like
“Ş”,“Ğ” is not shown properly.

Also in "Event Calendar for ASP.NET MVC " application when İ looked at the “skin and languages” sample section turkish local characters are not shown properly

Yep, the online demo has a problem :frowning:

Please try to use the attached locale file, I have converted it to utf-8
locale_tr.zip (774 Bytes)

some characters solved. but “ş”,“ğ”,“ı” is again problem.
My script reference is like this.

İs this Allright?

Can you attach the file with correct text in UTF-16 ?

I have attached the default file. But I don’t know whether it is utf-16 or not.
locale_tr.rar (721 Bytes)

Try to use the next one - this is direct conversion of provided file and looks correctly locally ( it produces the same text as provided locale )
locale_tr_utf_8.zip (759 Bytes)