dhtmlx scheduler onBeforeDrag event


i came across this discussion

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/ … kb&q=11090

about the newly added onBeforeDrag event and I also have a need for this (same context as original thread)

The attached solution file in that thread is the ‘minified’ version of the js

I’m already doing some other hacks on the source and am building my own minified version- can you post the

actual scheduler.js from the sources directory (and/or any other necessary .js files) with the onBeforeDrag in it so

I can do my own build of the minified version (with my other additions) until the production release gets

this added?

thank you!

Updated scheduler.js is attached to the post.
scheduler.zip (4.97 KB)
sources.zip (50.5 KB)