Dhtmlx slider: event onChange no longer works


I have the DHTMLX slider in a web page. It work correctly, but I cannot place it where I want it.

Then, I read in the post (Dhtmlx slider: positioning 4669) and I downloaded the new version v.1.1.
Now I can place the DHTMLX slider in a div but I have an another problème.

With the precedent version when I click on the slider, the event onChange was called. Now , it doesn’t work.

var slider1 = new dhtmlxSlider(“sliderBox1”, 250,“arrowgreen”,false,0,100,50);
slider1.attachEvent(“onSlideEnd”,function(newValue,sliderObj){ alert("New values is "+newValue); });
        if (this._busy)
            return; //ignore calls during drag
        alert("New values is "+newValue);

Thank you for your help !

The behavior of this._busy changed. Please check
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … s&s=slider

Thank you.

I’m sorry, I didn’t see this post