DHTMLX spreadsheet features


I am looking for some additional features in the spreadsheet which are currently missing but
are important to make the spreadsheet complete and usable. It would great if you could incorporate the following essential features:

  1. On copy of a formula from one cell to another the formula should update its cell references accordingly. e.g A3 = SUM(A1, A2) if A3 is copied to B3, the formula should update to
    B3= SUM(B1, B2). Currently B3 will remain to be SUM(A1, A2). This feature is there in Excel.

  2. Undo Action to return to the previous state.

The previous posts from Anurag regarding bug in copy/paste and new feature request for
find/replace are also imoprtant.

Please let me know how it can be incorporated as we are planning to use this component in our application.


We have undo functionality in list of features, so it will be released as part of next update.
As for formula updating - we will investigate how it can be improved (it seems that it can be added pretty easily)

Thanks for your prompt reply. So when can we expect the next update.
Also can you look into the issue of copying data from one cell to another
using Ctrl-c ad Ctrl-v. It does’nt work consistently. At times the data is copied
and at times we have to do it twice. Specially if I do the operations fast,
the copying does not work.


Exact date is not set yet, but I think it will be released in next two month ( actual functionality will be available earlier for sure - so if you want to check beta version when it will be ready - send me PM with your email )

Also can you look into the issue of copying data from one cell to another
Problem already confirmed and fixed locally. Will be included in next update as well.