dhtmlx suite 4.3 Pro / setAutoUpdate


	var gdBeacon;
	var dpBeacon;
        var main_layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body,"1C");
		var layout = main_layout.cells('a'); 			
		gdBeacon = layout.attachGrid();
		gdBeacon.setHeader([	"Date Added to Schedule",
								"DU ID",
								"DU Name CSC",
								"Site Name",
								"Site Address",
								"Post Code",
								"Site Type",
								"Access Details",
								"Lead FE Name / Number",
								"Engineer 2",
								"Engineer 3",
								"Rigger 1",
								"Rigger 2",
								"Rigger 3",
								"CTIL ID",
								"Passive Partner",
								"Quote Value",
								"PO Value",
								"VR Value",
								"FA Value",
								"Proposed DMN Survey Week",
								"Existing Drawings Received",
								"Forecast Survey Date",
								"Actual Survey Date",
								"Survey Received",
								"Survey Uploaded (iSite)",
								"Survey / Install",
								"Access Details",
								"Huawei Proposed Start Week",
								"DMN Proposed Week",
								"Forecast Start Date",
								"Actual Start Date",
								"Completion Date",
								"Additional Notes",
								"Drawing Requested",
								"Drawing Recieved",
								"Pole Required",
								"Pole Called Off",
								"JSC / TSC Required",
								"JSC / TSC Called Off",
								"PSU Required",
								"PSU Called Off",
								"Site Gated",
								"Gating Notes",
								"WP ID / PO Number",
								"WP Name",
								"WP Notes",
								"Rigging WP Notes",
								"VF Outage Required",
								"TEF Outage Required",
								"Materials Ordered",
								"PO to GCA",
								"Mast Type",
								"MEWP Required (Height)",
								"MEWP RAMS Uploaded",
								"ETON Submitted",
								"ETON Approved",
								"TM/PM Required",
								"TM/PM RAMS Uploaded",
								"CRANE/HIAB Required ?",
								"CRANE/HIAB RAMS uploaded",
								"BTS Delivery Method",
								"Resource Required",
								"Access Confirmed",
								"VF CRQ Requested",
								"CRQ Number",
								"TEF CCR Requested",
								"CCR Number",
								"OLO Outage Required",
								"HOP Received",
								"HOP Issued",
								"HOP Rejected",
								"HOP Re-Submitted",
								"HOP Accepted",
								"Defects Recieved",
								"Defects Cleared",
								"Invoiced Fully",
								"Comments (Meeting Minutes)"

		dpBeacon = new dataProcessor('./phpCode/sheetdata.php');



I have created the actions table and after a short delay I recieve a console error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘firstChild’ of undefined

Any suggestions please.

I went back to an older version of the suite:

Product Name: dhtmlxSuite
Version: 4.0.3
Edition: Professional

This worked fine with the setAutoUpdate with the same code. The issue now is that when you use
setMultiLine(true) and edit the table the refresh on another browser doubles the height of the row. Is there a fix for this ?