DHTMLX Suite 6.0 sources folder

I try to migrate my app from the major version 5 to 6. I’m looking for the sources folder. I have the 5.2_pro and 6.4_enterprise. I really need the folder with the code and styles of each component in a separate folder for multiple reason. This folder still exist?

Unfortunately currently we don’t provide separate sources of each component.

are you planning doing it? Is it possible to do it if I open a ticket to the support team?

Same for the Sass files? I need to change a lot of css to be complient with the style of my enterprise. It’s not very useful to have only one big compiled file for CSS and JS.

The source code of the library is written in TypeScript, almost all components are strongly tied to each other (for example, Window = Popup + Layout + Tollbar), as well as to helpers for working with data: DataCollection and TreeCollection. Which is why the library is so holistic and lightweight. So what you ask is practically impossible. In addition, the developers plan to make money on their library, so most likely they will not satisfy your request.

TypeScript source code for the entire library can be viewed in the browser developer tools if suite.js.map is connected.

TypeScript source codes of the library included in Suite 6.5.1 zip-archive, available for download.