DHTMLX Suite Looks Like an Abandoned Product

The latest version of DHTMLX Suite, v5.1, was released in April 2017 - that’s a VERY LONG TIME!

Has the company abandoned this product entirely? Why hasn’t it been maintained with a new version?

If there’s a new version of DHTMLX Suite coming, WHEN? And will include a full Vue.js implementation or compatibility?

DHTMLX Team, please respond to let us know if this product has no future and that developers can’t look forward to version updates.

Thank you for your post. I understand your worry.
I may sure you that dhtmlxSuite is not an abandoned product. We’re planning to release a new update this spring.

Wow, that’s wonderful, Sematik! Does it mean sometime in late March?

I apologize for the delay with the answer. Here is the updated info:
Regarding dhtmlxSuite we are going to release a completely new version of dhtmlxSuite with all UI components entirely updated in April. This new Suite 6.0 will not have a simple migration path from previous versions. dhtmlxSuite 6.0 will be much more modern, perfect for modern browsers and will provide smooth server-side integration with popular frameworks. Also it will be easy to install and customize.

Great! Thanks for the fantastic news, @sematik - looking forward to it. By the way, will v6.0 be Vue.js-powered?

Yes, we’re planning to include the vue.js integration to all the components of a new dhtmlxSuite.

Great! Will you be releasing v6.0 this month (April) as you said?

I apologize for a delay with the reply.
Unfortunately we’re still in the process, but the terms “this spring” is still actual.

Fantastic! Thanks @sematik.


Now that spring has officially ended :grinning:
Can you give us an update when the new version will be available…?



I apologize for one more delay.
We have finally released a new dhtmlxSuite 6.0: