[!] DHTMLX Suite Roadmap


Hi to all!

Good news! We’ve shared dhtmlxSuite roadmap. Please vote for the features and if you have smething to say - please leave comment below or drop as an email :slight_smile:

Let’s make dhtmlx better all together! :wink:


Ideally, for the Ver 5 of the DHTMLX Suite, the most important things to consider are as below and all are #1:

All the codes in the samples have to be thoroughly checked for correctness

Loading custom format data for object loading to be more convenient

Autoloading of JS files has to be provided so that DHTMLX development can be modularized


If Calendar is going to be enhanced, here’s the things which will help us a great deal:

  • a today button
  • when init from form, have the ability to highlight today’s date without needing to write extra javascript, for example:
{type:"calendar", name:"end_date", label:"End Date", todayMark:true}


Make DHTMLX fully compatible with LoopBack (https://github.com/strongloop/loopback) CRUD RestAPI.

Some incompatibly is especially in the ComboBox (which requires a custom method to be added to the model on LoopBack)

And the DataProcessor (which requires to override the “headers”).