DHTMLX Tabbar : How to show scroll bar ONLY when needed


I want to show the scroll bar in the tabbar when the content is bigger than the height specified in the div which contains tabbar.

I used following :



Still it is not showing scroll bar.

I am showing grid in the tabbar as content, but the size of the grid is more and it is not showing the full grid with the paging.

What to do ???

This command not related to scroll inside of tabbar, it enable scrollers for tab labels

>>and it is not showing the full grid with the paging
The tabbar detects size of content on moment of initial content adding, if size of conten changed dynamically after that tabbar will not be able to detect such change of size.
In case of grid you can try to use
tabbar.adjustSize(); //force size update

     Thanks for the quick support. But why this function is not mentioned in the documentation of DHTMLX. We have purchased the pro version.

This method is kind of “private”. In normal scenario you need not use it ( it is called automatically after adding content to the tab ) so it was not documented as part of public API