Dhtmlx tabbar onSelect event on the active tab?

I’m trying to attach an event to my tabbar that fires whenever a tab is clicked.

setOnSelectHandler works but this event isn’t fired when the user clicks the label of the currently selected tab, only the unselected ones.

Is there any way to raise an event when the currently active tab is ‘selected’ ?

Behavior can be changed only by code modification
dhtmlxtabbar.js , line 900
if (tab==this._lastActive) return false; //this line need to be commented to allow event on already selected tab

It’s working perfectly now, many thanks!

Any idea how to modify this for the current version? I am not seeing this code in the tabbar.js file?

actually the similar line exists in the latest dhtmlxtabbar.js as well

_setTabActive:function(tab,mode){ if (!tab || tab==this._lastActive) return true;

So what do i comment out? I see this line, but need to change the behavior…

You can change it as

 if (!tab) return true;