DHTMLX Tabbar problem


I am using a multiline tabbar and the tabbar is attached to a Layout Cell. the problem is that I am getting a straight line beneth the lower row of the tabbar.the line is of different color and is looking very awkward on my screen.

i have set the style as “silver” to the tabbar.

Also, I am creating the tabbar XML on the fly (dynamically fromthe database) and have few tabs with names with long text about 2 three words, but these items are not displayed properly. Such items are wrapped to next line, but the text is being cut by the line (about which i ahve mentioned earlier).

please suggest.



in case of automatic initialization (if you use attachTabbar method) the skin tabbar skin is set automatically - it is the same as layout skin (probably dhx_blue).

If you want to change the default dhx_blue images for tabbar, you can modify images in the dhtmlxTabbar/codebase/imgs/top/blue folder.

In order to increase tabs height, please locate following line in the dhtmlxwindows.js and the the necessary height instead of 26 value:

this.tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(obj.id, “top”, 26);