DHTMLX touch 1.0 in scheduler


I’d like to include the new features of the new DHTMLX touch version, especialy the sliders, in my scheduler mobile project. where can I get the libraries?

Thanks for help!


Updates js files are attached.
scheduler_mobile_debug.ZIP (238 KB)
scheduler_mobile.ZIP (141 KB)

Hi, i don’t want to create another topic because this is similar.
I’d like to build a project in which the Scheduler’s feature of time lines are implemented on a touch device: I mean I’d like to create a time line by finger. on touch it starts the event and by swiping to the end point it shows the event window as you release your finger.
Is it possible? any suggestion?

There is no support for such feature in schedule mobile, but we are preparing update, which will allow to use normal scheduler on touch devices ( all modes and extensions ) with big screen ( like iPad )