dhtmlx touch incorrect screen size with iPhone6+


I know I have to move my dhtmlx touch web pages to the most updated dhtmlx 4.x.

But I am facing the incorrect screen size display in iPhone6+ with my existing dhtmls touch pages (It is not using up the whole browser display area, but just 3/4 of the screen in top –left corner.).

Is there any quick solution for this issue while I am updating my code to latest version of dhtmlx.

Thank you.

Ken Tsang

Hi Ken,

please attach the dhtmlxtouch_debug.js that you are using.

Attached with touchui_debug.js, compressed.

Thank you!
touchui_debug.rar (97.4 KB)

Hi Ken,

please try the attached file.
touchui_debug.zip (109 KB)

Hi Alexandra,

It doesn’t have any different.